Empowering Women To Uplift Themselves 

In 2023, Inner Map Yoga embarks on an inspiring journey dedicated to harnessing the transformative potential of yoga, meditation, and mindfulness to uplift and empower women facing challenges in the Chicagoland area. Led by visionary CEO, Sabrina Panariella, a true embodiment of resilience and success, we eagerly anticipate utilizing all available resources to support and empower women while breaking generational cycles of poverty, addiction and violence.

This initiative transcends mere outreach; Inner Map's comprehensive strategy to empower and elevate women actively involves our community. We are committed to driving positive change through advocacy and political engagement at the state, county, and city levels. Our goal is to strengthen existing mental health services and restore agency to individuals.

For further insights into our mission and approach, please feel free to download our proposal or reach out to us for additional information. Your support is invaluable in helping us make a difference in the lives of women in need.

Belize Conservation 

Inner Map partners with local and international organizations to promote sustainable activities within the growing hospitality industry throughout Belize.  Portions of our proceeds are donated directly to these organizations to allow for the greatest impact possible in the shortest amount of time and without the burden of additional administrative costs. In all cases, our partner organizations are transparently dedicated to nature conservancy and registered with appropriate government entities to ensure donated funds are used correctly and with the largest impact possible. If you would like to make an individual donation please contact the organization directly by clicking on their respective images.

Belize Outreach

Inner Map also works alongside organizations within Belize to promote a better future for the most vulnerable among us, specifically single mothers and children at risk of food insecurity or domestic violence. By partnering with these organizations, we help to make a difference in the daily lives of Belizean people who fight  to break generational cycles of poverty, violence, and drug addiction. Like our conservation efforts, each of these organizations is committed to transparently providing as much funding as possible to their respective causes without undo management expenses.  If you would like to make an individual donation please contact the organization directly by clicking on their respective images.

"Sabrina has been great at finding my problem areas and uses great techniques!'"  - BW