Join Inner Map in Western Belize for the adventure of a lifetime...

February 24th - March 2nd 2024

Embark on a transformative journey nestled within the lush jungles of Belize. Our twice-daily 90-minute yoga classes offer an exquisite fusion of vinyasa and nidra, creating a harmonious balance between invigoration and relaxation. These dynamic classes guide you seamlessly through a sequence of fluid postures, synchronizing movement with breath to enhance strength, flexibility, and mindfulness. As you gracefully transition from one pose to the next, you'll cultivate a sense of balance and inner serenity. The latter part of each session is dedicated to nidra, a guided meditation that induces deep relaxation and promotes mental clarity. Under the gentle guidance of your instructor Sabrina, you'll recline in a comfortable position, allowing your body and mind to unwind and restore. Whether you're a seasoned yogi or new to the practice, each class offers a holistic experience that leaves you feeling both energized and deeply at peace as you revitalize your spirit amidst the natural splendor of Belize's jungles.

"Sabrina is a true professional and her passion for what she does is evident in her work" - MH


Available before November 1st, 2023

Immersive Yoga Experience at Black Rock Lodge $3,499.00 $2,999.00 per guest 

Your Inner Map retreat to Western Belize includes: