Office yoga programs reduce costs and boost employee retention

A corporate wellness program that integrates yoga will yield substantial benefits for both employees and your organization. One noteworthy advantage is the potential for significant cost savings. Employees who participate in regular yoga sessions often experience a boost in physical and mental health, leading to a reduction in sick days and healthcare expenses. Additionally, as stress levels decrease through yoga practice, the likelihood of stress-related health issues and insurance claims decreases as well. This will ultimately translate into lower insurance costs for the company, contributing to long-term financial benefits for organizations of all sizes.

Another compelling aspect of yoga-based wellness programs is their positive impact on employee retention. The mindfulness and relaxation cultivated through yoga will result in heightened job satisfaction and a stronger sense of engagement among employees. As a result, staff turnover rates tend to decrease, reducing recruitment and training costs.

To maximize the effectiveness of your program, it's advisable to enlist the expertise of a qualified yoga instructor like Sabrina Panariella from Inner Map Yoga. As an experienced instructor, she will tailor yoga sessions to suit the specific needs and preferences of your workforce, ensuring that your employees reap the full spectrum of benefits. By prioritizing employee health and well-being through yoga, your organization will not only reduce costs but also foster a loyal and motivated workforce, contributing to overall success and sustainability.  Contact us today to customize your own corporate yoga program and start seeing the benefits immediately! 

Simple, transparent pricing structures

Once Weekly 60 Minute Class

3 Months                    6 Months                    12 Months

$175 per class         $150 per class          $125 per class

12 classes                 24 classes                  48 classes

$700 / month             $600 / month              $500 / month

Twice Weekly 60 Minute Classes

3 Months                    6 Months                    12 Months

$150 per class         $125 per class          $100 per class

24 classes                 48 classes                  96 classes

$1200 / month           $1000 / month            $800 / month

Inner Map is located in River Grove, Illinois. Based upon your office location(s) a travel fee may be applied to your subscription price.  

Custom scheduling, pricing and payment structures are available for companies of all sizes. Just Ask!